• Art of Hosting Mates Gathering

    Brazil '16

    The meeting

    Dear friends, 


    How are you?


    The Art of Hosting Mates Together is a gathering of practitioners of our art for deepening our practice and to exchange experiences by being together! The idea is to live a quality time to exchange experiences.


    Imagine how it would be, to meet very special friends and be able to talk about our practice? Imagine meeting new people who do extraordinary work of conversations around the world? Imagine these people, amazing people together? Imagine the power of these conversations? What more can you imagine?


    This will be a meeting between inspiring people from all over , everywhere and anywhere in the world, which have in common the practice of hosting conversations that matter. They are artists like you, with quirky stories, working with unique ways of conversations in different contexts and challenges that demand and increase resilience of groups.


    We are very encouraged by the warm responses we received when we released the call for this meeting. We are working to create a special and cozy moment to have good conversations and to improve our practice in the world.

    Come with us, live this experience!


    Warm hugs


    Hosting Team

    Remembering our Purpose

    Our purpose is to socialize, exchange experiences, embrace differences between the various corners of the world and strengthen each other to flow as Art of Hosting practitioners. We will enjoy each others presence, celebrate and have fun, as well!


    Whoever comes are the right people!

    This is a meeting for Art of Hosting practitioners worldwide.

    We´ll prepare a welcoming space for friends to meet and share meaningful stories in order to deepen our practice.


    Hey, dude!


    How is life going for ya?

    Over there and over here, we have been walking so many paths. So colorful are the ways which take us, bring us and allow us to encounter each other.


    You know, buddy, the journey is long and to live up together is why we look for one another. And we go on charming, captivating each other, like family, lines crowding up here and there, in the delicacy of the findings life offers.

    We are like that: brothers and sisters of this line of steps that nevers ends, but that starts from the inside, there in the heart of the questions.


    Yeah, pal, we are the ones to spin and weave this big network which exchanges, seeks, nurtures, reflects and comforts. It’s ours this steps which dares, tries, trusts, breathes, connects, warms up and serves.

    It’s our stories we walk the runaway, of joy, dreams, friendship and horizons. And we are so, so, so many…


    We are all of these who celebrate the same ground of living encounters, making laughs, and sowing complicity, and sprouting hugs and tie the bonds, just as very warmly as cosiness is, and the certitude of which we need.


    And it’s because we deserve each other, buddy, that we discover each other. In this courage to trust openly, that way without holding back, because the space is that of the essence, the thirst is that of the truth of one, two, three, many. And the good party is that one where we find together a beautiful rhythm of walking.



    And is it not for that we encounter each other: to laugh together and to serve together? In the joy of exchanging treasures and hardships, and to feel oneself at home because it is here where the presence thrives what the voice comments up.


    And this is the way we want to feel each other very soon. To open the party of so many lived paths, to share, to nurture, to hug and to celebrate. To experiment the art of being together.

  • How to participate

    Here is the information

    on the logistics of the meeting

    so you can settle to be

    with us in January 2016!


    10 to 15 January 2016.


    The space will be prepared to host you from 10: 30h of the day 10/01, Sunday.

    The intention is to have lunch together at 12: 30h this day.

    Our opening circle will be at 14: 30h.

    Local e Values

    The Arco Iris (www.espacoarcoiris.com.br) place was chosen as the venue of our meeting. It is located in the municipality of San Roque, about 1 hour from São Paulo city.


    The facility houses up to 95 people in shared rooms. There is a large room where we can bring together the whole group and smaller rooms for other activities. The accommodation and all meals are included in enrollment figures. If you have any dietary restrictions, please indicate them on the application form at the end of this call.


    We seek to take into account the financial situation of each individual and each region, ie, the choice of price to be paid is made by the participant according to their ability to pay, can be any value equal to or larger than the minimum.


    • Value U $ 470 dollars / R $ 1,400 reais: covers lodging expenses and participant's power, plus the apportionment of such costs for the organizing team.
    • Value U $ 550 / R $ 1,650: covers expenses above and allows formation of a fund for granting scholarships.
    • Actual value of U $ 650 / US $ 1950: covers the total cost and recognizes the efforts of the organizing team.


    We invite every participant to pay how much they can, and a little bit more if possible. The value should not be a barrier to participation. Those interested in obtaining partial scholarships may (please) contact us for information.


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